November Goals

Yesterday I posted a recap of my October goals.  I’m kind of digging this monthly goals thing to help me focus on specific projects, particularly on finishing them.  So here goes month #2!

1. Weave in ends and block Hitchhiker, Color Affection, Divergence, and Gateway to Fall.  Hitchhiker is a recent FO,Finished divergence but I’m a little embarrassed about how long it’s been since I finished the other two.  They’ve just been sitting waiting for a good bath and blocking before wearing them.  So time to get ‘er done!  I just need to designate a weekend blocking day and get them all done at once.  Here’s a photo of Divergence pre-blocking.

2. Finish Eugenia’s mittens for Loopy Academy.  I was able to finish the first one in two night’s worth of knitting, so it shouldn’t be a stretch to get the second one done and have the completed set.  I’d really like to finish these before Thanksgiving so that I can wear them with my Yarnster hat over the holiday when my family meets up in Roanoke for our annual Thanksgiving celebration.

3. Cast on My Dolphin Cowl for Loopy Academy.  Once the mittens are done, the cowl assignment is my final project to complete this semester of Loopy Academy.  I definitely want to get it cast on this month so that I’m not rushing to finish it in December.

4. Start on knitted Christmas gifts for the kids.  After seeing my fair isle fingerless mitt from Fling and my one finished Eugenia’s mitten, Teague really liked them and seemed to want some of his own.  So I’m going to design a fingerless mitt pattern with the Imperial Cog from Star Wars on them for him.  For the girls, I want to make some knitted dolls with clothes they can use to dress them up.  I’ll likely use the Mary, Millie and Morgan pattern from Susan B. Anderson.  But I want to make one of the dolls like Anne from Anne of Green Gables as part of the Anne-along, so I’m going to be designing some specific clothing to make her look more like Anne. We’ll see how that goes, considering I’ve never designed any knitwear before.

5. Blog every day in November. As part of NaBloPoMo I want to really focus on making this blog a habit and want to work on figuring out my voice and what this blog will/should/could be.  So I’m committing to a blog post a day for this month.  Not all of them will be about knitting and not all of them will be very long, but I think the every day structure will force me to get creative and really focus on making this something that other people want to read.

I think 5 is a nice round number to focus on for the month of November.  What are your goals for the month?


4 thoughts on “November Goals

  1. I want to finish my Roosimine second sock. I want to add about 20 squares to my sock yarn blanket, and I want to start myself a sweater. I also need to make a mystery gift for our knitgroup xmas party. And I am doing NaBloPoMo, so that makes 5 for me too!

  2. Great goals! And thanks for giving me an idea for my NaBlogPoMo post for tomorrow! I’m going to list some of my own goals for November! I don’t know what they are yet… I will have to think on it!

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