October Goal Wrap-Up

Back at the beginning of October I posted some monthly knitting goals on this here blog to keep myself focused on finishing specific projects.  Now that it’s November 1, let’s take a moment for a short recap of how I did on accomplishing said goals, shall we.

1. Finish second fair isle fingerless mitt — FAILED.  So I didn’t even cast on the second mitt this month.  Oh well, it will get done eventually.

2. Finish Hitchhiker — DONE!  I cast off my Agawa Canyon Hitchhiker on October 3, so this goal was accomplished really quickly.  Such a great pattern that knits up fast.  I still need to weave in the ends and block it though.

3. Finish Yarnster hat for Loopy Academy — DONE!  I cast off the hat on October 11 while visiting my grawpid-img_20141011_215526.jpgndparents.  Really happy with the finished product.  This is definitely a pattern I’ll make again.  In fact, I probably have to make it again because once I asked my mom to model it for me, I wasn’t sure that I was going to get it back from her.

4. Re-start Biscotte & Cie socks — DONE!  I frogged the sock I had started while at Fling which was too large and cast on again.  Decided to change things up this time and am knitting them cuff down rather than my usual toe-up.  I’m about halfway through the foot on the first sock and it appears that these will fit much better.

5. Cast on My Dolphin Cowl for Loopy Academy — FAILED.  I decided to finish the mitten assignment before starting the cowl instead.  So I’ve finished one of the mittens so far.  Will save the cowl until after I’m finished with the mittens.wpid-img_20141019_113955.jpg

6. Begin organizing the stash – FAILED.  Just didn’t get to it, everything is still where it was at the beginning of the month.

Final verdict – 3/6 goals accomplished.  Not too bad considering I finished two projects and basically changed my mind about one of the goals and started a different project instead. Also not bad since I was not able to knit for the past week and a half because of my hand injury.  Hand is healing up nicely by the way, I was able to knit a little bit yesterday for the first time since burning it.

Stay tuned tomorrow for November’s goals.

And to end a fun picture of the kids in their Halloween costumes, just because they’re cute!  We had a great time trick or treating last night and hosted a Halloween party for friends and family this afternoon.



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