So that happened…

This is a cautionary tale, particularly for knitters and other creative types who require the use of both hands for their craft.

wpid-img_20141022_184547.jpgThis past Wednesday night started out like any other weekday evening in our house. I came home from work and relaxed for a little bit working on my vanilla sock and watching some Gilmore Girls.  My husband was working late so when he texted me that he was on his way home, I started making dinner.  I put on a pot of water to boil for the pasta and put spaghetti sauce and meatballs in a second pot on the stove.  While I waited for the water to boil, I cut up some veggies and made us each a salad.  Soon the water was boiling away, so I dumped in the pasta and proceeded to kill time checking out Facebook and Instagram on my phone.  The pasta was just about ready so I decided to check and see if the meatballs were warm enough.  I gave the sauce a stir and gingerly reached in to touch one of the meatballs to test the temperature, which is when I discovered that after 20 minutes of cooking they were still cold.  So I checked to make sure I had turned on the correct eye, because I have been known to make that mistake in the past.  It was.  So I removed the pot from the eye and hovered my hand over it to see if it was giving off heat.  It wasn’t.  I slowly and tentatively touched a corner of the eye with a fingertip and sure enough – no heat, ice cold.  So I’m thinking, well crap, this eye is broken.  Literally one second later, my husband walks in the door and I decide to be clever. So I say to him, “I think one of the eyes on our stove is broken, because this one has been on for about 20 minutes and look” — and here is the pivotal moment, the one where I should have thought for a split second longer before doing what I did next — and I slammed my entire hand palm down onto the stove eye that I thought was ice cold but which was now, um, not.

So yeah, I ended up with second degree burns on my palm and fingers.  We went to Patient First for them to check it out and they sent me home looking like this with pain meds and a tetanus shot to ward off infection.  I’ve spent the past four days with my hand wwpid-img_20141023_094107.jpgrapped up, basically unusable.  Going back for a follow-up appointment tomorrow morning where hopefully they’ll tell me it’s ok to start using it again and I don’t have to keep it wrapped up all the time.

I have to say other than the general annoyance of having to do everything one-handed, and with my non-dominant hand no less, the most difficult part has been not being able to knit.  I took Thursday and Friday off work since I was on pain killers and not allowed to drive.  So I had two uninterrupted days of being at home, and I couldn’t knit even a single stitch.  Very frustrating! Instead I consoled myself with watching Outlander on Starz.  So good!  If you haven’t checked it out, you definitely should.  Great story, and some really gorgeous knitwear for eye candy – not to mention the hunky Scottish men in kilts eye candy 🙂

Having only one hand for a few days has made me very grateful that I normally have the use of both hands.  Also, I need to take a moment and give a special thank you to my amazing husband who has done a wonderful job of taking care of me.  He’s prepared food for me, helped me get dressed, helped bandage my hand up, helped me not feel like an idiot for doing something so careless, and even gone so far as to put my hair in a ponytail when I couldn’t do it.  He’s the best!

Really hoping that the blisters heal fast and that I can get back to regular life and knitting.  Those Christmas presents aren’t going to knit themselves!!



5 thoughts on “So that happened…

  1. My goodness Tiffany, that is terrible! I wish you a fast recovery & hope the pain goes away soon. Keep us informed on how your doing.

  2. Oh my! You poor thing. As a person who does these type of things more often than she cares to admit, I feel for you. Whenever I am talking on the phone to family and friends while cooking they abruptly ask if I am cooking and tell me to get off the phone. Heh!
    Sending you quick healing thoughts!

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