“Tomorrow is always fresh …

… with no mistakes in it.”

This quote is from one of my all-time favorite movie series – Anne of Green Gables.  For some reason, there has been a lot of Anne in  my life recently, so I thought a blog post about it was timely.

As a child, I loved Anne of Green Gables. The obsession started with the mini-series when I was probably 8 years old. My grandparents gave me Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea on VHS for Christmas one year, and I still have those old tapes to this day, even though I don’t have a VCR on which to play them. Don’t worry, I have all of the films on DVD as well, so I can still watch whenever I want.  During the summers when I was in middle school, I stayed home by myself while my parents were at work and Anne was my constant companion. Each day during lunch I would pop the movie into the VCR and watch a bit. This would continue for several days (it’s a long mini-series) until I got to the end of Anne of Avonlea. Then I’d rewind the tapes and start all over again. Who knows how many times I watched them that summer?  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve returned to them again and again when I need a bit of comfort, like returning home to old friends each time.  It has been a while, so I’m thinking it’s about time to pull them out and watch again soon.

As I said above, Anne has been showing up in my life recently.  First, and the item that started it all, is that Little Skein in the Big Wool is offering Anne yarn and pattern kits in absolutely beautiful and luscious yarn.  Check out all the kit options here.   There are four Anne inspired colorways dyed by Leading Men Fiber Arts: Green Gables, Anne with an E, Orchard Slope, and The Haunted Wood.  I’m personally partial to Anne with an E which is a vibrant rich orange.  Green Gables is my second favorite, which is, of course, a beautiful tonal green.  There is also a sock yarn in an merino/cashmere/nylon blend in a colorway called Anne’s Story which combines the four colors from the other skeins.  In addition to the yarns, Little Skein is offering project bags (which are simply lovely!  I really like the zippered one.), stitch markers, a shawl pin, a hardcover copy of the book, and the pattern Balsam Hollow, designed by Paula Emons-Fuessle.  You can order any of these items separately or there are kit options available as well.  I am trying desperately to be good and not purchase one of the Luxe kits with the Anne with an E colorway!  After the money I spent at Fling, I’m being frugal with yarn spending for the rest of the year, and this is just not in the budget.  But oh, how I want one!!!  (Perhaps some kind soul will purchase it as a Christmas gift for me…Hey, I made it easy for you – the link’s right there.  I can only wish.)

To go along with the kits, Little Skein in the Big Wool is hosting an “annealong” on Instagram.  It’s a pretty broad KAL and anything Anne related qualifies.  You can knit a pattern that reminds you of the series, watch the mini-series, read the books, etc.  Anything that makes you think of Anne and Green Gables.  Take a photo and post to Instagram with #annealong.  The contest lasts until December 21.  Along the way, Anne from Little Skein will be giving out small prizes, and at the end the grand prize winner will win the next Little Skein kit which will be released in January with a pattern from Susan B. Anderson and yarn from The Plucky Knitter!  This morning I found out that I was lucky enough to win a set of the Anne stitch markers from the giveaway on Susan’s blog.  Excited to get them in a couple of weeks!

So far, I’ve made one contribution to the #annealong.  This past weekend, I went out of town to visit my family in Abingdon, Virginia.  My grandmother generously got us tickets to see the Barter Players production of Anne of Green Gables at Barter Theatre Stage II.  Talk about timely!!  The Barter Players are the children’s theatre arm of Barter Theatre and this was the first of their productions that I’ve seen.  It was very well done.  The script was adapted from the original book by Catherine Bush, Barter’s resident playwright.  It was a children’s play, so it was shortened from the original story, but the most important elements were there.  The actress playing Anne was delightful, perfectly capturing the wonderment and dramatic nature of Anne Shirley.  The rest of the cast were also great, particularly Matthew and Marilla.  I may have been sniffling and sobbing at the end when Matthew dies, but it can’t be confirmed.


One of the best parts about going to see the play was getting to share my love of Anne with my husband and children.  The girls are 8 and 5 and neither have seen the movies or read the books yet, so this was their first exposure to the story.  I’m so thankful it was a good one.  Now we need to find some good quality time to sit down with the movies.  It’s imperative that I pass along my beloved Green Gables to the next generation.

I have some other plans for participating in the #annealong, including a really exciting one that I thought of today, but I’m going to save them as a surprise for later posts.  Also, coming up, I have two finished objects to share with you.  They just need a bath and their glamour shots and then I’ll post all the details.

What are you going to do to participate in the #annealong?




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