Fling Plan

As I posted yesterday, later this week I’m headed to Denver for The Loopy Ewe Fall Fling.  Here’s a little more information about what I’ll be doing while I’m there.


Here’s a interesting factoid about myself for you – I’m a self-taught knitter.  I’ve never taken a knitting class.  Everything I know I learned from online videos, online tutorials or books.  So I’m really excited about the chance to have in-person classes to learn some new techniques.  During Fling, I’ll be taking two classes:

  1. Knitting for Speed and Efficiency taught by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
  2. Fair Isle Fingerless Mitts taught by Susan B. Anderson

Stephanie’s class provides a short history of knitting and an introduction to lever, or Irish-cottage, knitting.  This is how Stephanie knits and it is crazy fast and consistent.  Check out this video to see her knit like the wind.  I’m excited to get some techniques and ideas on how to speed up my knitting.

Susan’s class will teach us how to do two-handed fair isle knitting to make a pair of fingerless mittens.  Fair Isle is something I’ve wanted to try for a long time, but just never had the courage.  I’m looking forward to adding this skill to my repertoire so that I can finally make some of the gorgeous patterns I have in my faves and queue on Ravelry.


Part of the fun of the knitting retreat is the chance to relax and hang out with other knitters for long periods of time.  Most of my knitting time is solo, so it will be nice to be surrounded by others who get it.  As I was thinking about what to pack for Fling, I realized that none of my current WIPs would work for the social knitting time.  They’re all either too complicated or require me to weigh the yarn to determine when it’s time to move on to a new section.  So… I had to cast on new things.  Second knitting factoid about me – I may have a problem with finishing things and suffer from a severe case of startitis most of the time.  But this time, officer, I promise, I have a good excuse!

Here is the yarn I’m taking for both classes and projects to work on (click on picture to make it bigger):

Fling yarn

1. Starting at the top with the navy blue and white yarn – this is Cascade 220 Superwash that I’ll be using for Susan’s Fair Isle class.

2. The green yarn in the lower right corner is Dream in Color Classy in the Happy Forest colorway which I’ll use in Stephanie’s class.  Ultimately, this yarn will become a Pine Forest Baby Blanket.

3. The multicolored yarn in the lower left corner is Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere in the Celebrating the Games colorway.  This was a special Loopy Ewe Celebrations color released in February to commemorate the Winter Olympic games.  I’ll be making a Favorite Scarf Ever with this skein.

4. The two smaller skeins on the left are Biscotte & Cie Felix in the Cupcake B colorway which I’ll use to make some Afterthought Heel socks.  Perfect for knitting during Stephanie’s talk on Thursday evening.

5. And finally, the skein in the middle is The Yarns of Richard Devrieze Peppino in the Agawa Canyon colorway.  This yarn was part of The Loopy Ewe’s March Giftables kit. I’ll be making a Hitchhiker with it.

So those are my class and knitting plans.  I also have plans for what yarns I want to buy during my shopping trip to Loopy, but those are changing daily, so no point in going into them now.  Rest assured, I will post after Fling with details on all of the goodies I picked up.


4 thoughts on “Fling Plan

    • I’m loving knitting socks these days. Quick little projects that I can go crazy on color with. We need to get together and teach you some new stitches 😉 Would love to see a picture of the blanket!

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