My dreams are coming true

My knitting dreams that is.

Later this week, I’m off to Denver, Colorado for The Loopy Ewe‘s Fall Fling.  This is an annual knitting retreat held by Loopy – four days of classes, shopping, knitting, and hanging out with my kind (knitters, that is).  Each year they hold a lottery because there are more people that want to attend than spots, and this year – my first time entering the lottery – I got lucky and snagged a coveted spot.  I found out that I was going to be able to attend earlier in the summer and was excited then, but now that it is just three days away, I can barely contain myself!

Here’s the thing: Loopy is the epitome of yarn shops!  They started as an online shop and still make most of their money through online sales, but they also have a brick and mortar store now in Ft. Collins, Colorado.  Never in my life have I experienced the level of customer service that they provide.  As an example, let’s say I place an order for yarn on a Tuesday afternoon around 1:00.  Usually within a hour or two, I get a notification that my order has been processed and is ready to ship.  Then usually just two days later, I have the “Box of Fun” sitting on my porch waiting for me when I get home from work.  Ok, so it’s not the immediate gratification of driving to a LYS and taking the yarn home right then, but seriously – two days from ordering and it has arrived all the way from Colorado – can’t beat that!  Plus they include Tootsie Rolls in each package 🙂

But even more incredible than their customer service are the fun ideas and community they’ve created.  Each summer they host Camp Loopy, a virtual camp with 3 knitting challenges and prizes.  And they just announced their new idea – Loopy Academy that starts this fall (more to come about my plans for that in a future blog post).

Anyways, I’ll stop singing their praises – just suffice it to say that I have drank the Kool-Aid and am a Loopy customer for life.  So the fact that in just a few short days I’ll be meeting the owner and standing in their store and spending the weekend with others who love them as much as I do is making me want to do a happy dance!

Add to all that the fact that Stephanie Pearl-McPhee – yes, the Yarn Harlot herself  – is going to be there giving a talk the first night and teaching classes. I was also lucky enough to get a spot in her Knitting for Speed and Efficiency class which I have heard about for years and dreamed about being able to attend.  I may faint from all of the excitement!

So I’ve spent the weekend getting together all of my supplies for classes and for projects to work on during the downtime.  Come back tomorrow and I’ll share the yarn and project ideas with you.  In the meantime, if you haven’t already, do yourself (but not your wallet) a favor and head over to The Loopy Ewe website to check them out.  If you’re a Ravelry member, check out the Loopy Groupies group for more fun!


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