Itchy Fingers

It seems strange for the first real post on a knitting blog to be about the fact that I haven’t really been knitting lately, but it’s the truth, so there you have it. I have not been making time daily for my needles and yarn … and I am beginning to feel the repercussions. You know those t-shirts, bags, mugs, etc. that say I Knit So I Don’t Kill People? Yeah, well, that would probably be a good thing for me to remember. Knitting keeps me sane. The meditative quality of the yarn passing through my fingers and the repetition of stitch after stitch after stitch relaxes me in a way that not much else does. Okay maybe one other thing, but I’m not sure I should discuss that on a public blog!

So I’m making the commitment to myself and to the great big interwebs that tonight

I shall knit!

I will sit on my couch with one of my current projects, watch some Doctor Who or Big Brother and stitch my sanity back together. The question is which project should I work on…

Stay tuned, more posts, with actual knitting content (I promise), to come.


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